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Coyote Digital Media

Coyote Digital Media is an award-winning high school broadcast (Rout(e) 131) and journalism program (The Southwest Shadow) at Southwest Career and Technical Academy led by Tom Rizzo and Matthew LaPorte. I spent my freshman year learning the basics and then the following three years creating over 80 video packages alongside an AP and an extracurricular packed school schedule. 
KLAS TV --8 News Now-- came to SWCTA and interviewed Dr. Michael Georges and the Dental program for their segment "What's Cool in School."
Upload Date: 2-1-16
Senior Year

Featured News Stories

Students in the Dental program participated in a class activity that may normally cause some to be squeamish - but on a fruit.
Upload Date: 1-21-15
Junior Year
Produced for Vegas PBS
Students at Southwest CTA hold a homelessness event to raise awareness of what it is like to live without a home
Upload Date: 11-24-15
Senior Year
Student Television Network Nationals:
3rd place News Story
For their national service project, HOSA, future health professionals, hosted a fundraiser to raise money for awareness of leukemia and lymphoma. The catch? Kissing a pig.
Upload Date: 3-9-15
Junior Year
HOSA hosted its annual CERT training so students could be properly prepared in crisis situations.
Upload Date: 9-29-15
Senior Year

My First Stories

Upload Date: 2-2-15        Junior Year
Your writing is great, your photography phenomenal, but your audio is unusable." - Tom Rizzo my broadcast instructor
A recurring theme in my junior year, the biggest problem I had to improve on was my interview audio. Even I noticed the effect it had on my stories; people were looking, but they weren't watching.
Upload Date: 2-2-15        Senior Year
"Mingson Lau (class of 2016) scored a real coup when he convinced Pat Skorkowsky, the Clark County School District’s  Superintendent to sit for an interview at a We The People tournament... he illustrated the video with some excellent B-roll. All of his shots contained good natural sound, and, most importantly, he told a good story about a new program at our school." - Tom Rizzo 
Upload Date: 11-7-13        Sophomore Year
My first story outside of campus was at an anime convention. Filming with my partner, Randell Beria, was a doozie. The art, costumes, and performances made for a vibrant scene that we had to convey in a news story. We ended up with enough content for the story and a separate feature story! This event helped illustrate to me the vast possibility of storytelling through media.
Upload Date: 9-19-14        Junior Year
It was at the start of my Junior Year where I started flying solo. The thrill of the run-and-gun, while stressful, allowed for a more personal touch to my stories. I did the videography, interviews, writing and editing for packages to air the following news day. I became known as the guy with two backpacks: One for school and the other for my gear.

My First Story

Upload Date: 10-7-13        Sophomore Year
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