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Sandra Cobos, an acceleration specialist at Justine Spitalny School in Phoenix, guides children through a series of vocalization exercises. Cobos helps students who struggled with online learning to catch up with their studies. (Photo by Mingson Lau/Cronkite News)
Superintendent Hoffman Visit_Sandra Cobos_Tight_Lau.jpg
Child Care Grant_Hand Holding_Lau.jpg
Since the pandemic, staffing costs have risen by 25% since 2020 said Gaby Friedman, the business office director for Torah Day School of Phoenix. The funds have gone to increasing the support staff to accommodate for quarantined teachers and better manage sanitation protocols due to the pandemic, Friedman said. (Photo by Mingson Lau/Cronkite News)
Although he lost his inhaler during the move from Cartwright, Alex Loaisa said he has not needed to use the device, attributing the change to Surprise's cleaner environment. "I was able to breathe more here," Alex Loaisa said. (Photo by Mingson Lau/Cronkite News).
Asthma Bus_Alex Loaiza-Compean Gaming 1.jpg
Lalo Alcaraz_Lalo Speaking Front 4_Tight_Lau.jpg
"Every few years, I'm lucky enough to get a new platform to expand my stuff and the reach of my work," says Lalo Alcaraz. (Photo by Mingson Lau/Cronkite News)
Political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz is the latest contributor to the COVID Latino project, which aims to disseminate information about the pandemic and counter misinformation through art. (Photo by Mingson Lau/Cronkite News)
Lalo Alcaraz_Art 1_Medium_Lau.jpg
Cooler Pavement_Tire Marks 1.jpg
The light gray asphalt sealant is meant to reflect sunglight away from the roads to reduce heat, but tire marks like this are one of the aesthetic drawbacks. (Photo by Mingson Lau/Cronkite News)
Refugee Soccer_Pregame_Wide_Lau.jpg
Consisting of refugees who came to America over the span of four decades, the team plays recreationally in Arizona and competitively against other refugee-composed teams across the country. (Photo by Mingson Lau/Cronkite News).
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