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Hello, my name is Mingson Lau!


I am a journalism student and a multimedia reporter with experience in video, photo, writing, and editing. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Arizona in 2016 to attend Arizona State University’s Cronkite School. I currently work as a sushi chef and cover stories for local publications.


I've traveled to Akihabara, Japan to peruse the anime and gaming capital, joined my former co-workers at Kung Fu Tea on a pilgrimage to Taichung, Taiwan to experience the birthplace of boba tea, and followed my cousins in Ho Chi Minh City in tasting the delicacies of live, coconut-fed silkworms.  I dream to explore different aspects of the world, and share it through artistic, creative, and informative means.

ABout me

Trump Rally, Phoenix, 2-19-20

Work sample 2

More examples of my work can be found throughout my website. If there are any questions feel free to contact me at 

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