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Business Insider Application

Video Production Fellow, Boot Camp


  • Five Video Samples

  1. Digital Video: Didgeridoo-makers, 156

  2. Digital Video: Graduation photos, 1:48

  3. Digital Video: 18-year-old vigil, 1:58

  4. Mini-Documentary: Ohio abortion ballot box battle, 8:39

  5. Mini-Documentary: New Mexico abortion ordinances, 6:51

NOTE: While I have applied for the Big Business and Boot Camp video fellowships, I am open to all visual opportunities at Business Insider. Thank you for your time.



Arizona Makers: Didgeridoo-makers use local agave in their staple product

Brad and Wendy Evans talk about their online didgeridoo-making business Endless Breath Didges.

This piece was part of a series involving text, photos and video on how makers use "making" as a form of occupational therapy to help with the likes of stress, depression, alcoholism, and TBI. Written story here

RESPONSIBILITIES: Photography, videography, video editing, reporting, feature writing


Arizona Makers: Social Video Cut

What graduation photos means for one ASU senior

                                                  Published: March 1, 2023 

Nathaniel Hernandez explains what graduating means to him while I photographed his graduation photos.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Photography, videography, video editing, reporting

        Video For: The Arizona Republic/       Published: May 12, 2023