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          Photos For: The Arizona Republic/                       Stories By: azcentral staff

From 2022 to 2023, I worked on multiple assignments for The Arizona Republic/, covering the Phoenix metro housing crisis. Unaffordable housing, ineffective housing programs, homelessness and hotter summers were themes that permeated the area. Most memorable was the intimate opportunity I had to photograph "The Zone" just days before the start of its removal. Temperatures that afternoon reached the 90s. Phoenix recorded its hottest summer in 2023, with 54 consecutive days of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.


This classroom photo assignment documenting a Phoenix shelter cat inspired an ongoing personal project explaining how cats colonized the city. Arizona's warm climate allows cats to breed year-round, leading to a proliferation of strays in the valley. I am developing a video explaining the urban cat ecosystem of feral, stray, and house cats and the intricate network of initiatives supporting and rescuing them. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Photography, videography, video editing, reporting

Arizona Makers: Didgeridoo-makers use local agave in their staple product

          Multimedia Projects For: Arizona Highways, The Arizona Republic/

Brad and Wendy Evans discuss their online didgeridoo business, Endless Breath Didges, which uses local, sustainably-sourced agave.

This piece was part of a multimedia story for Arizona Highways (involving text, photos and video) on how makers use "making" as a form of occupational therapy to help with the likes of stress, depression, alcoholism, and TBI. Written story here

RESPONSIBILITIES: Photography, videography, video editing, reporting, feature writing