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The Seattle Times Application

Climate Lab Photographer


Wallpaper_Mingson Graduation_Final.jpg

Mingson Lau poses for a photo atop Piestewa Peak.

MIngson lau

This position is a dream opportunity, and my multimedia background equips me with the necessary skills to contribute to The Seattle Times’ forward-thinking approach to digital journalism.

I loved the team's work with web and video (Sea Change and Disappearing Daughters) and believe my skillset would be a tremendous asset in similar projects. I am profoundly interested in innovating news communication, dedicating my degrees and time as a research aide to better understanding visual communications. My experience in photo, non-narrative video and multimedia editing can be utilized for climate and general news coverage.

          Photos For: The Arizona Republic/                      Published: May 2023

From 2022 to 2023, I worked on multiple assignments for The Arizona Republic/, covering the Phoenix metro housing crisis. Unaffordable housing, ineffective housing programs, homelessness and hotter summers were themes that permeated the area. Most memorable was the intimate opportunity I had to photograph "The Zone" just days before the start of its removal. Temperatures that afternoon reached the 90s. Phoenix recorded its hottest summer in 2023, with 54 consecutive days of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.